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These dynamic Deep Stretch practices come with mindful movements that mobilize the joints first before getting into poses that encourage a deep stretch in the muscles. Best taken on those days when you want to take things slowly but also move about quite a bit. Best taken with some props such as a block, blanket, bolster, and a strap.


Beginner Yoga is perfect for those who consider themselves novices of the practice. Perhaps you have taken fewer than a dozen classes, perhaps it has been years since your first practice, perhaps this IS your first practice! Feel free to take this at your own pace. 


This slow-paced Yoga practice introduced by Paulie Zink incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with postures that are held for longer periods of time. Yin Yoga was designed to target deep connective tissues such as fascia, ligaments, and joints. Despite its physical benefits being frequently argued among anatomy experts, this slower and more meditative practice is sure to give you an opportunity to turn inward as you go through deep sensations in the poses. The perfect practice for people who are always moving about and on the go. Grab all the props you can and set time to yourself to settle the body and mind in poses that help cultivate a sense of surrender.


Vinyasa or Flow classes are a style of yoga characterized by sequencing certain postures together, encouraging the student to use the inhales and exhales to move from one pose to another. These classes offer different ranges of challenges- from the easy-breezy flows to the fiery flows. One thing is guaranteed - none of these flow classes are fast. The intrinsic yogic experience comes up in between the slow and controlled poses in the sequence.


While the practice of Hatha Yoga traditionally encompasses a broader set of Yoga practices, this is a style of Yoga that modern practitioners would define as one that focuses on one particular posture at a time, without the sequence aspect of a Vinyasa class. And while "ha" means sun and "tha" means moon, Hatha also means will or force, and these more static posture holds are sure to encourage a mind-body-breath dialogue. 


Yoga practice can cultivate a different response when taken at certain times of the day. As our energy levels ebb and flow throughout the day, and even the month, these classes meet us where we are at whether it is first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. 


Take some time to disconnect from the daily grind and allow the body and mind to recuperate. The effortless poses that this practice offers allows you to relax and rejuvenate. Ready all the props and feel supported, safe, and rested as you melt into poses for a long time. 


Chair Yoga is a form of yoga therapy practice for people who are unable to participate in a traditional yoga class due to injury, aging, a disability, or preference. Chair Yoga can also be practiced in certain settings such as behind the desk at work, and certain times where practicing on the ground or on a mat is not accessible. Wheelchair Yoga is a subset of Chair Yoga in that the practitioner is in a wheelchair during the entire class. While some classes cue for movement in the lower extremities, Wheelchair Yoga aims to retain mobility and strength mostly in the upper body, which is perfect for people who need to be in a wheelchair for permanent or temporary reasons.  


Grief and Loss are universal events but are very personal and individual experiences. And while grief comes in different ways- whether it's a loss of a loved one, a loss of an idea, a life, or a thing that you once had, or a loss of a beloved pet - there is no cookie-cutter practice that addresses all the aspects of grief. It is for that reason that I turned this practice into a series. Grief has many different stages and phases, and our emotions and thoughts differ depending on the day. My hope is that in each class, the student feels supported and is able to utilize the movement and the breath to move energy through while keeping things honest and raw on the mat.