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Maude's style of teaching may be described as purposeful, progressive, motivating and light-hearted. She truly strives to provide a comprehensive and impactful services, whether in person, on-line, in a big class or one on one. I've experienced them all and always come away appreciating all that Maude has to offer. She truly rejoices in seeing others benefit from movement and breath - YOGA. Thank you Maude for striving to make a difference in this crazy world for others!

Wendy Betts

I am delighted to express my genuine appreciation for the exceptional yoga sessions led by my Maude. Her unwavering dedication to her craft is commendable and reflects in the enthusiasm she effortlessly instills in every participant. Attending her sessions has become a highlight of my week, offering a rejuvenating escape from life's trials and stress. Her ability to create an environment that promotes excitement and engagement is remarkable. The weekly sessions serve as a physical workout and a mental oasis, providing a profound sense of relaxation. This unique blend of physical and mental rejuvenation has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me. Amid life's challenges, she is a fantastic woman and an exceptional yoga instructor. I feel fortunate to be a part of her sessions, benefiting from the physical aspects of yoga and the uplifting and motivating atmosphere she cultivates. Her sessions go beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on each individual fortunate enough to attend. Thank you for being such an inspiring guide on this wellness journey!

John Burwick

Maude encourages and monitors her students very carefully and helps everyone learn in the most helpful way for them.

Paula Trumper

Every class with Maude is unique, she beautifully crafts an intention & flow that bring your mind, body & breath together, while honoring each student (whether new or seasoned yogi). She fosters community like no other! When leaving my mat after time with Maude, I feel empowered to take the practice with me into the rest of the day.

Betsy Schultz

More than just a yoga teacher, I am happy to call Maude my friend. She takes an interest in her students. Maude has a special gift to know just what her students need for each class. One of my favorite parts of yoga with Maude is her closing mantra. I won't spoil it - take a class and hear it for yourself.

Lori Andersen

I have enjoyed taking Maude’s yoga class. She is a great teacher! Her class is designed to work the entire body with focus on certain areas. It is very unique and well planned. Maude truly cares for her students and offer’s individual guidance. She is so kind and giving. A real gem. I would highly recommend taking yoga from Maude!

Susan Whanger

 Maude is a teacher in the highest sense of the word. Every minute of class, every segment, every movement is purposely and successfully designed to get the student to the next moment of the experience. The breathing, the meditation, the focus of each student is soundly guided by her expert step by step instructions. Maude supports each pupil, no matter where one might be in the practice or what one brings to the session. Her highly intuitive and connected teaching make it easy to trust and enjoy the process. Maude cares deeply about each student, and this is something that just can’t be faked! We love the community of fellow learners who together approach with confidence our growth as yogis because we have the best, most experienced teacher. Plus, it’s fun…I always say that we’d come ready to do calculus if Maude were teaching it! She’s that good. I’m an old teacher who has observed many teachers teaching many subjects. Maude is a born teacher whose diligence and detailed preparation makes her classes flawless and inspired. She’s our treasure!

Betsy Asplund

I have known Maude for quite a while now. However I started practicing yoga with her since last few months. She has immense passion for health and over all well being. As I share the same passion I can vouch for her. She is technical if you want her to be technical but at the same time she can be as simplistic as possible. She is very strong with her subject and no doubt is an excellent yoga teacher. I love small mini flows that she teaches me. The best part of working with Maude is that she designs her sessions based on “what you and your body wants” I like my sessions with her as they are personal yet fun and therapeutic at times. Yoga is definitely not boring , she totally makes it fun. Keep going Maude, you are the best!!!

Rasika Dharne

My wife and I have been practicing yoga with Maude for more than a couple months now and we have had a pleasant experience. I was introduced to Maude through a common friend when that friend of mine learnt that I have had a shoulder pain. Maude took some time that day, did a video call with me and gave a few exercises that helped me alleviate the pain. After a week, I called her and asked if she would help me with yoga practices that shall suit for my wife and me. She understood from us in our first call on what we typically do at home in terms of exercise and the common issues we have faced and then has been helping us practice yoga with her. We love her jovial nature packed with a great teacher that loves her students. Her listening skills are “amazing”! We wait for class ever week curiously like children.

Santosh M.

I had the privilege of attending one of Maude's classes while visiting NC and I enjoyed it immensely. Before the class started, I remember her taking the time to ask the participants about specific conditions she should be aware of. She was patient enough to work with me (and my many limitations due to hip surgery) and was more than happy to teach modifications whenever needed. She not only did this with me but with every other student that required it. To me, this demonstrates a level of care and sincerity not very common in teachers these days.

I was so glad to learn that Maude finally has online classes. It is perfect for people like me who live far away. I just took her "Deep Stretch - Upper Body" class and she was just as I remember: technical and thoughtful, caring and thorough. The session has also relieved me of my periodic back pain and I'm now committed, more than ever, to continue my yoga journey. I have to thank Maude for being such a great teacher and inspiration!

Tisha Mae S.

Maude is technical, yet organic.  Commanding, and yet pleading.  She compelled us to explore…to be...and to forgive.  I just fell in love.


In short, you bring awareness and forgiveness to me, as your student.  Awareness of my entire being – my breath, my wrinkles between the eyes – you just seem to know when I/we are holding our breaths and might be tense and your reminders to release have helped me in other stressful situations.  Your connectivity to the movements and breath and tension the human body holds makes you a SUPREME teacher.  It is all about breathing through it and that extra air…oxygen…helps to relieve the tension.


And forgiveness – you always make us feel ok if we are not all Seane-Corn or Shiva-Rea in our poses, our expression and limit of it is just perfect the way it is.  You encourage and you forgive.


When I leave your class, I feel cared for, even pampered and that carries with me to pay it forward and to be kind.  Always. 


All this said you are still commanding in your teaching style, but you also plead with us to be and do the best we can.  It is simply perfection.

Linda Arntzen.

And while yoga has become my normal routine, it is anything but routine. Each class is a new adventure, something I truly look forward to. Maude takes a special interest in each of her students, learning their names, hobbies, and aches and pains. She knows about this student’s ankle issues and that student’s shoulder injury and plans for modified poses to better suit them.
Each week she comes with a new story, book recommendation or passage to share – all with a message that comes back to healing. Maude’s presence is both calming and empowering, always encouraging us, “let your breath be your soundtrack”. I leave class feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the week.

Leah Sing.

Maude is not just an instructor. She is a teacher who takes the time to know her students well. Her classes are witty and soft-hearted yet urging for discipline. When I walk out of her class, I always feel like a new person.

Lisa Dubois

You could not remotely consider me a Yogi but my private sessions with Maude have made me believe in the power of Yoga. Maude has a very pragmatic approach to her teaching. She is never intimidating yet she doesn't make light of my need to be more disciplined and focused. I truly look forward to our sessions.

Hayden T.

Maude doesn't sound like the typical Yoga teacher. She actually converses with you and talks to you like she would outside the studio. This makes newbies and seasoned students feel equally comfortable in her class. She is technical and very intentional. She always comes prepared. I am so grateful to have found a teacher like Maude!

Kelly W.

Thank you for your testimonial!

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