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This meditation practice encourages focus and relaxation as you will be guided to illuminate different parts of the body with an imaginary ball of light. Bringing attention to these areas promote objective reflection and retrospection without judgment making the student relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy your practice. 

Length: 14 minutes


This meditation practice is best taken right as you wake or get up in the morning. Set the tone right for your day by taking the time to tune in to yourself and your breath. From the inside out, build up some warmth as you get ready to conquer the day. Have a good practice and good morning. 

Length: 7 minutes


Is your mind cluttered with too many things going on? Are you finding it hard to prioritize all the moving parts in your life? Are you struggling making decisions? This meditation practice aims to give your mind the space it needs in order to clear out mental noise and distraction. You will be asked to hone in on certain body parts to promote focus and clarity. Enjoy. 

Length: 12 minutes


The power of gratitude has been practically prescribed as an anti-stress, anger reversal tactic. As Tony Robbins says, “One cannot be grateful and angry at the same time.” This practice aims to put all the focus on the things we need to be grateful for, and to remind ourselves of all the blessings that abound us that we tend to forget to acknowledge. Please enjoy. 

Length: 12 minutes


Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is a conscious relaxation practice that takes you to that state between being awake and being asleep. In this Yoga Nidra practice, we will utilize the koshas as a tool to bring our awareness from the physical body (Anomaya Kosha) to the bliss body (Anandamaya Kosha). Best taken lying down and supported, transport yourself to the path towards relaxation. Cozy up and enjoy.

Credits for this Yoga Nidra: Breathing Deeply

Length: 15 minutes

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