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How Pain and Pleasure can feel Perpetual

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Yesterday, I had severe body aches. When I felt aches in my joints instead of my muscles, I knew I had to get tested right away. True enough, I tested positive for COVID. In a span of a few hours, I went from mildly uncomfortable to severely aching. I could not get myself to sit still because I was just in great discomfort. I hydrated well, ate mindfully, got cozy in the couch, and did what I do best- I moved.

I moved about and did some lymphatic system mojo such as lifting my arms, tapping on my armpits, groin, backs of the knees... all those areas. I got on the trampoline and did some light bouncing. Mind you, my body hurt like a hurricane, but I did this several times in an hour knowing it was only good for me.

And this morning, I woke up and my body aches were gone. GONE! Not even a remnant of it. I was both amazed and flummoxed. How was this possible? I was gearing myself up for the worse to come and it felt like yesterday never happened.

Why is it that during moments of pain, envisioning life without it becomes an illusion. Conversely, when experiencing pleasure, we often find ourselves in denial about the impending downturn of circumstances. It's like our minds become illusionists, wielding biases that distort our visions of tomorrow.

And so this reminds me of impermanence. The transcient nature of our lives. Nothing ever stays the same for a long time even when that's how things seem. We are always adapting and adjusting and navigating and figuring things out. And there is beauty in that. So that's what I am reminding myself of as I take another swig of my electrolytes not feeling sick at all, that anything can change at the drop of a hat, and I should relish this painless acheless moment right here. 

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