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"Imagine if I didn't practice Yoga..."

The increasing scientific validation of Yoga's benefits is undeniable. Its positive impact on neuroplasticity, hypertension, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders is now well-documented and no longer up for debate. Personally, I've experienced its daily support, especially in managing my own condition. Recent specific instances have underscored the profound significance of my Yoga practice, prompting me to reflect, "Imagine if I didn’t practice Yoga…"

Instance 1 - Breast MRI

Consider the MRI ordeal. Due to a family history of breast cancer, mammograms are no longer sufficient. Switching to breast MRIs introduces discomfort and anxiety. Yet, amidst the jackhammer noise and physical strain, I found solace in deep breaths and ancient mantras, steadying myself and even drifting towards sleep, navigating the experience with newfound calmness. "Imagine if I didn’t practice Yoga…"

Instance 2 - The onset of a flare-up

Then there's the sudden onset of a stress-induced flare-up. Despite a hectic schedule, I recognized the signs of Dysautonomia, employing mindfulness techniques and sensory grounding to regain equilibrium. So in my head, I accounted for 5 things I can see, 4 things I can touch, 3 things I can taste (perfect at the dinner table) 2 things I can smell. and 1 thing I can hear. And I just cycled through it over and over. By focusing on my surroundings and embracing Yoga nidra, I managed to restore balance and tranquility. "Imagine if I didn’t practice Yoga…"

Instance 3 - Managing Grief from 2023 on to 2024

Transitioning from a year of loss into the new, I confronted grief with the principle of Aparigraha, non-attachment. Resisting the pull of guilt and sorrow, I resolved to allow emotions to pass through, making space for life's inherent joys and challenges. Amidst the heaviness, I held onto the mantra, "This, too, shall pass," allowing Yoga's guiding principles to lead me forward. "Imagine if I didn’t practice Yoga…"

After 22 years, I remain awestruck by Yoga's continual salvation. Its tools may lie dormant at times, but their potency never fades. Gratitude fills me, for Yoga has repeatedly rescued me, weaving a narrative of enduring love and resilience. Thank you, Yoga, for being my unwavering companion, a lifeline that never ceases to amaze. Like a timeless love story, our bond persists, enriching every chapter with grace and strength. <3

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