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As a seasoned Yoga teacher, Mindfulness facilitator, and fervent movement advocate, I am dedicated to spreading the transformative powers of wellness to diverse audiences. 


With a deep-rooted belief in the profound impact of mindfulness, movement, and intentional breathing, I bring a unique blend of expertise to every stage. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a conference, an intimate setting, or a community event, I'm here to inspire and empower your audience with practical tools for enhancing their overall well-being.


What I Offer:


🌟 Engaging Talks: My presentations are a fusion of insights drawn from years of experience and a genuine passion for holistic wellness. 


🎙️ Podcast Conversations: Join me for enlightening podcast discussions where we dive deep into the essence of mindfulness, movement, and wellness. Let's explore how these fundamental practices can enhance mental clarity, emotional resilience, and physical vitality, both in our personal lives and within the framework of organizational success.


🤝 Collaborative Partnerships: I am excited to collaborate with organizations that prioritize the well-being of their members or employees. Together, we can craft tailor-made workshops, seminars, and talks that address the unique needs of your audience, creating an impactful experience that resonates long after the event concludes.


Public speaking and presentations

"Cultivating Wellness within your
September 2023
"Cultivating Wellness within your
March 2023


"How to absolutely suck at de-prioritizing yourself within your workday."
August 2023
"Defining (Corporate) Wellness"
June 2023
"Cultivating Career Wellness"
November 2023
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Retreats and other events

September 2023

Sponsorsed Events

February 2024
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